3. Partnership

Job seekers, employers, and direct service providers determine the individualized strategies for providing support that will assist in career enhancement and ultimately facilitate long-term satisfaction for the job seeker and the employer.

It’s important that you cast a wide net when looking for potential partners in the job development process. Partners could include:

Not only could they bring valuable insights to the process about the job seeker, but they also each bring their own unique networks of contacts and supports that could be helpful. These partners can also be allies when additional supports might be needed to address issues.

The employer and co-workers are integral partners: weigh the business needs equally with the abilities of the job seeker. No two jobs or conditions of employment are the same. Your role is to implement strategies providing support to all partnerships.

To find out more about the benefits of supported employment to businesses and the role of the employer, please read through the Employer section of this website.