2. Paid Employment

The job seeker receives the same rate of pay and benefits as other employees doing the same job. Individuals receive their paycheques directly from the employer.

You have an obligation to the job seekers to ensure their conditions of employment are fair and appropriate.

When a job seeker finds employment, they ought to receive the same rate of pay and benefits as other employees who are doing the same job. The employee with a disability will receive their paycheque directly from the employer and not through the support agency.

The employee with the disability should have access to advancement opportunities according to their ability and interest, as well as increases in wages and benefits over time.

Positions are valued, not seen as charity. You will know the position is valued if the position held by the employee needs to be filled in their absence.

The employment standards in your province need to be adhered to so they are not in conflict with the minimum wage, allowable hours of work, conditions of employment or probationary periods. Often, without proper documentation, unpaid work experiences or volunteering at for-profit businesses may be in violation of labour standards.

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