1. Choice And Control

Employment support is guided by the job seeker in order to achieve their career aspirations.

Supported employment guarantees the right of the person with disabilities to determine their fate and define their future. Your role is to offer advice and support in order for the job seeker to make their own decisions regarding future employment opportunities. The job seeker also controls decisions about what her or his support needs entail.

This is fundamental in the relationship between the job seeker and service provider and may mean that the traditional methods of evaluating eligibility or employment potential will need to change. The key is to identify the most natural ways you can support people with disabilities in employment, working in partnership with employers and others.

There is no “one size fits all”. Rather than fitting job seekers into an available service model, they have the right to determine the service that suits them. They also have the right to explore all employment opportunities.

Beth Mount – Person Centred vs System Centred

Beth Mount – Person Centred vs System Centred

Person Centred Planning - A Teacher's Perspective

Person centred planning - a teacher's perspective