8. Long-term Support

All stakeholders require long-term support to ensure employment stability is maintained and career enhancement is achieved.

Support is provided on an as-needed basis, not subject to time limitations. Effective follow-up supports are contingent upon developing an ongoing working relationship with the employer, families and other natural supports.

The intended goal of long-term support is to assist the individual in the identification and provision of supports and extended services necessary to maintain and enhance their position as a valued member of the workforce.

In situations where supports were in place initially and then faded, or if job tasks change or quality issues/challenges arise, supports can be reintroduced or adjusted to ensure success.

Maintain communication with the employer on an ongoing basis to circumvent any issues that may arise.

Supported employment job seekers, employers, and service providers need to determine individualized strategies for providing support that will assist in career advancement and ultimately facilitate long-term job satisfaction for the worker and the employer.