9. Continuous Quality Improvement

Stakeholders are involved in the evaluation of services for the job seeker, and the service provider implements improvements.

Stakeholder user groups are supported to participate in planning and decision-making at all levels. Strive to excel in best practices, seek advice, and find ways to improve your services from all those involved.

This may be done on a regular and formal basis by way of survey, focus groups etc., or by a more informal check-in system. Regardless of the method, seek feedback, including complaints and suggestions.

Supported employment services strive to provide the best employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, with the best possible supports to ensure success.

Service providers also need to be keenly interested and committed to providing best practice services to meet the needs of the employers and their business.

A number of approaches are available to ensure quality practices in supported employment. For organizations that are accredited, there are employment standards. These reflect the expected program standards from the perspective of the field. Other funding bodies may require agencies to perform specific quality assurances.

It is your responsibility to act on the results of evaluations to continuously improve your services and outcomes.