9. Continuous Quality Improvement

Stakeholders are involved in the evaluation of services and Service provider implements improvements.

You have a right to know how you are doing in your job. It is important that you know the parts of your job you are doing really well, and areas that you may need to improve on. It is within your rights to ask for feedback and direction so that you understand the areas where you need improvement.

It is important that you are honest with your employer and your support people if you are having a hard time in any areas of your job. Asking for help does not mean you will lose your job. It means you will have a better chance at being successful at your job.

Employment is a responsibility where everyone has a role to play. Your role is to do the job to the best of your ability, with or without support. It is your job to let your employer and employment supports understand what you need to be successful at work. It is also your responsibility to look for and accept support.

You may be asked to evaluate your support services and provide feedback on the ways you were assisted to find and maintain employment. Your feedback is important to improve employment services for all job seekers. Please feel free to browse the other sections of the website for further information.