How does it work?

The employment support worker seeks to meet the unique and specific needs of your business and to determine if the skills of a person with a disability match those needs.

Rethinking Disability in the Private Sector

“Increasing employment of people with disabilities is a question of leadership and attitude, of focusing on ability rather than disability.”

The report Rethinking Disability in the Private Sector released in January 2013 has a clear and concise message—hiring people with disabilities is feasible and it makes good business sense.

The employer and co-workers are integral partners and the support worker weighs the business needs equally with the abilities of the job seeker.

All aspects of supported employment are tailored to the
needs and capabilities of each person: job procurement, job matching, and training and support for the employer, co-workers and the person with disabilities.

Jobs that are created should be unique and specific to the individual’s ideal conditions for employment.

The support worker will also spend time getting to know
your business, your request for a new employee, and how
to best fill that need. Trust and authenticity are key to a successful job match.

This is a free service to your business. You will be saving time and the typical costs associated with screening and advertising for vacancies. Training and orientation services are available for staff as well as the person with a disability, if required. On-going support is provided.