Employer Testimonials

Good employers recognize that diversity and inclusion is part of their corporate
culture, which makes them very successful and ahead of other employers whom fail at this or choose not to understand. We cannot be complacent or we may be left behind in the future.

Accommodation is the right thing to do. A responsive style of management during the accommodations process benefits all employees and helps to create a respectful
and productive workforce.

Our business shares in all the benefits of employees that are dedicated, committed
employees that have limited absenteeism, training cost and increased productivity
with limited turnaround of staff.

Archie Stewart District Operation Manager
Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure
Regina District Currently employing 23 people with a known disability


We have found that companies that perform well in disability are highly responsive to their customers, and thus outperform peers in revenue growth.

Rich Donovan
Founder of Fifth Quadrant Analytics


Jacquie, the supervisor at the Nanaimo Athletics Club, had this to say
regarding her employee, JD;

He’s awesome, delightful and a very responsible employee. He follows the job description and requirements so it was great to have the job support/ coaching as it allowed him to learn the job as it was meant to be done and has maintained consistency where as other employees make mistakes he is very thorough. He goes above and beyond.


Mark Wafer, owner of seven Tim Horton stores and a Champion for Rotary at Work in Toronto has hired 86 people with disabilities in the past 16 years. He had this to say
about one of his employees;

I have watched Clint gain confidence and independence as well as become more mature and responsible during his 16 years with me at Tim Hortons. He deserves and appreciates the opportunity to work more than anyone I know.

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