Current Training Opportunities in British Columbia

Name of Training:

Profile, Promote, Support

Training Organization:

Family Support Institute

Content Summary:

This curriculum talks about the philosophy of employment. 
It is geared to families in order to pull them into a vision of employment that speaks to a solid philosophy of employment.

Content includes: 

  • Look at the unseen jobs 

  • Being a detective and seeking out opportunities 

  • Role of school 

  • Qualified work experience 

  • Post-secondary options 

  • Creative job options including self-employment 

  • Conversations with potential employers in an employer style interview (with families learning key elements to this) 

  • Resume options and how families have a role in this
  • Informational interviews 

  • Keys to success 

  • Realities in the work sites

In each workshop there are activities, panels of people, video examples and success stories.

Target Audience:



Agency host $600
Family group with no host agency – FREE


Full day (can be altered to half day or 2 hours)

Contact Information:

Nancy Chan (604) 540-8374 ext 523


Families Promoting Employment First