This report, gathered from over 200 private-sector employers, identifies best practices in hiring people with disabilities.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities includes in the charter the rights of employment for people with disabilities.

Employment standards for each province in Canada are clearly outlined.

The European Union of supported employment’s framework of guidance for best practice.
A Quality Standards Framework for Supported Employment Providers QS - english.pdf

Scotland’s development of best practices states supported employment is firmly established as an effective approach for finding and maintaining real inclusive jobs for people with disabilities.
The development of supported employment in Scotland

A 2011 Canadian Association for Community Living report examines the effective practices and challenges in moving forward to an employment first policy. 

Achieving social and economic inclusion: From segregation to employment first

In 2012 Iris (Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society) reviewed Canadian best practices supporting the participation of persons with disabilities in the labour market.
Towards an understanding of effective practices in employment programs for people with
disabilities in Canada

Best Practices in Employment Service Delivery for People with Disabilities
(Commissioned by the Alberta Association for Supported Employment in 2004 - revised annually) Practices-2013.pdf

Myths About Hiring Persons with Disabilities


Derek’s Story
In this video, a young man named Derek shows you around his apartment and tells you about his life and shares his successes of independence.

Josh Needs a Job
Josh Rimer interviews Andy at his job at McDonalds.

Person Centred Planning - Youth
This video is about person-centred planning from a teacher’s perspective.

Beth Mount, Person Centred vs System Centred
Beth Mount shares her perspective of person-centred planning and how and how an ideal service could enhance quality of life positive outcomes.

Myths About Hiring People with Disabilities
An employment specialist is interviewed and dispels the myths around hiring people with disabilities.

Paving the way for Inclusive Employment
View one Alberta Company’s experience in supported employment.

Meet Anthony
Anthony is an entrepreneur from Alberta. This video introduces you to
Anthony and his service.